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Amazon and Netflix finally awarded Oscars


This year’s Oscars will probably be remembered for the incredible gaff that left poor Warren Beatty having to explain why the wrong Best Picture winner was announced.  But 2017 also marks the year that Hollywood finally accepted streaming services into the fold – and awarded them with Oscars for the first time. The Salesman, an…

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Eight tips on delivering a perfect documentary pitch


Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur who’s just starting out with a head full of ideas, making a pitch to potential benefactors can be a nerve jangling experience.  Here are eight ideas for getting your pitch across well and ensuring you are taken seriously: Be aware of the selling point Every great film…

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IMDb closes its message boards for good


In a move that will be a disappointment to some, the film information website, IMDb, has decided to close down the message boards where its users were previously able to leave comments.  The site released a statement explaining that before taking this step, they had gathered data on visitor traffic, including who was visiting and…

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Five reasons to buy a ticket at your local indie cinema


Independent cinemas are an important part of our social and artistic lives in the UK.  Keeping these hidden gems open, and ensuring they thrive, is a struggle we should all be engaged with.  Here are four reasons why visiting a locally run cinema is a good idea. Support your community Buying a ticket from an…

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Schedule announced for 10th BFI Future Film Festival


Arguably one of the most significant dates in the film business calendar for young British filmmakers, the BFI Future Film Festival is opening its doors from 15th – 19th February.   Taking place at the BFI Southbank, in London, you can buy tickets for each day’s events at Aimed at 16-25 year olds, the festival…

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Ira Deutchman awarded for 40 year contribution to art house cinema


Veteran of independent filmmaking, Ira Deutchman, was given a Spotlight Lifetime Achievement Award on Tuesday 17th January, in recognition of his work on independent films over the last 40 years, many of which include some of the funniest and most successful titles of their time. This is the first year the award was given away,…

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Winners of the Film Independent 2017 Spirit Awards announced!


The arts organisation, Film Independent, which runs 250 events each year in support of people who love making and watching movies, has announced the three people who’ll receive one of their Spirit Award 2017 grants.  This will be the 32nd year that the non-profit making organisation has produced the ceremony, aimed at bringing together talent…

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Five filmmaker’s New Years resolutions for 2017


If you’re struggling to think up a New Year’s resolution that’s focused on your creative output, how about trying one of these ideas in 2017? Make your voice heard Take the message about your work to a wider audience and link up with more people in 2017.  If the majority of your projects are undertaken…

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Making an independent Christmas film


The Christmas holiday weekend, and the weeks either side of it, tend to be some of the busiest times at cinemas, families, friends and couples love to celebrate by being entertained in front of the big screen.  If you’re a filmmaker who wants some of the festive film action for yourself, the script needs to…

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