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Double D opens it's doors to the USA! - Gathering momentum in Los Angeles

Christian Piers Betley

The creative source for the new low budget slate, set for bigger things, with the super talented crew who will move forward together.

Christian Piers Betley is a prolific writer, having built up a slate of over thirty films during the past ten years, many of which are now currently in development and production.

As the creative mind of Double D Productions USA LLC, he seeks out original subject matter as well as rich, biographical stories, covering a range of genres. In addition to his creative talent, Christian has extensive experience in the business of film. He successfully managed two production companies, with a global production platform, working in diverse filmmaking traditions of feature and drama production, high-end commercials and advertising.

Christian set up and ran Zeitgeist Films Ltd in Denmark in 1997, developing screenplays, concept reality series and script package submissions for numerous European production companies. In 2000, Christian was invited to Dubai, UAE where as managing director, he set up FilmCorp LLC as a high-end corporate subsidiary production company of Filmworks LLC -- now one of the largest and most successful production companies in the Middle East. Christian is the co writer on SJAMBOK.

Rudolf Buitendach

Rudolf Buitendach is a South African born, award winning director who made the world’s first film with a fully digital workflow in 2003.

‘INDOOR FIREWORKS’ was shot on a prototype of the legendary Viper filmstream camera with composer Angelo Badalamenti scoring this film that preceded the digital and Red revolution. It preceded Michael Mann’s use of the same technology and was picked up by Canal+ for distribution.

Rudolf’s next film REARVIEW was nominated by BBC3 as best short of 2006 in their new talent strand and also screened at the LA International shortsfest and Brief Encounters. It was shortlisted by the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival for a Golden Melies nomination and screened in Cannes and Venice. In 2008 Rudolf was shortlisted from thousands of entries as a finalist in ‘s international filmmaking competition by a jury that included Werner Hertzog and Wim Wenders.

Rudolf is currently working on his third feature film, and will be the writer and director for SJAMBOK.

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